Have depression hitted you at the point you dont recognize yourself ?

Feelings and emotions regarding depression, anxiety and other health issues.

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Have depression hitted you at the point you dont recognize yourself ?

Postby DiegoArgentina92 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:51 am

Im not talking about "low depression". This is for people who have/had major depression (for who dont know it, "major depression" its a particular diagnosis in depression as a mental disorder, so, im not using the word deliberately), but this can happen to people with lower grades of depression too (i just put this clear cause i dont wants to find comments here of people thinking they know whats this in a lightly way like if this its a common thing, one thing that i hate its people that thinks how is to have hard depression just having small little dumb problems).

Going back, its just ive been trying to find people who know hows this, just to relate, just to have the feedback of "oh, you had it too ?". Its really incredible and maddening, when you drive your mind so badly that you dont recognize yourself, that your own life had changed so much that its like all your past life is just a dream you had and now you are inmerse in a different reallity, your reality changed and yourself changed too, your personality, your mood, your temperament, your brain conections, your routine.

I had really hard times with this, one time i thought i never was going to go out about have those ideas in my mind, hopefuly this started to change when i started to find depression chatrooms and forums and -finally- find people to chat, but, sometimes i still have this, due some problems that ive been having, its not that bad, its not severe ("too severe"), its acceptable, but sometimes i cant see myself about what im doing, its just stress and i know it, but, its a thought that ive have in mind, and sometimes ive have middle of the way of this that im talking, i have sleeping disorder (not sleeping at night, stay up till high hours of night, and then at the day im a mess, lack of energy, i have some eating disorder too,, something that could be so simple for other person, for me its a problem, im talking about this of eating, dont have schedules, a mess, and i have stres over my mind everyday, so, big combo).

Just sharing thoughts, hoping find other people who has been in the same spot, or who is dealing with this, i thought in depression sites i would find people with high and severe mind issues related to depression, but not really, at some point this is good, why hope other people have this ? but in the other hand, bit lonely for me, but yes ive found some people in sites who had been through this, yes.

( Depression could be not just "feel bit bad", depression could be catastrophic, really can change your mind and put you at the lower levels of living, all from the sudden, you not expecting it, just happening. I have to say that ive not had it so bad as others, life, but it been wasnt easy, still not good as one could want. Some people doesnt know how bad a person can mentally be, one doesnt even realize it until it happens. Major depression is one thing, incredible scary, not a light thing, but some think "life is not that hard", for some yes, for some not, have a real mental disorder its a reality that one doesnt now until have it. )

Another great problem that I have is lack of motivation. The sleeping disorder mess me a lot. Sometimes i can catch some motivation, but due the sleeping disorder and lack of well rest I finish incredibly tired and everyting becomes messy., and the motivation goes away, days are not simple, are just a challenge. And sometimes i finish in a limbo thinking "for what keep going ? whats the sense ? to feel tired everyday like this ? to battle with my mind and body everyday ?", ive been trying to work on this, and sometimes i finish getting some motivation, but then vanish, and the comes, and the a limbo, such a big a mess.

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Re: Have depression hitted you at the point you dont recognize yourself ?

Postby Gomez1972 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:57 pm


I have had major depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other issues.

My father used to beat my mother when i was 8 years old
My father was murdered at 12
My mother's boyfriends used to assault me.
My mother turned to a religious cult to not face her problems, and we were in this religious cult many years.
My brother...

I can honestly say that i have had major depression and not just little problems. If you need someone to talk with I am here. There are more terrible things I have experienced, but I would rather not bring attention to them. I hope you are doing well BTW. I don't know you , but i can empathize...believe you me.

Let me know if you need to talk. A strangers advice is sometimes more beneficial than someone with a degree.


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