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Postby greenword » Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:12 am

porcupine wrote:I don't think much of Nick now he's sold Chloe down the river. I don't know why people do things like that. It just backfires in the end. I think he could have had a chance of winning, now I'm not so sure.

He said it's not about winning, but I think it is. I think he's shot himself in the foot now. I thought Harry and Chloe came across well tonight.

I generally find the letters from home part boring in these type of shows. So I'm glad that bit's over.

I think Jack's being a bit of a knob. Yes, he put friendship first but I think he resents it. Why hasn't Danny got a personality?

have you see who danny no's on the internet and who is from past BB ? its shocking.

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Postby porcupine » Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:18 pm

I've looked up Danny on the internet. It turns out he has got a personality. A horrible one.

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Postby greenword » Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:42 am

hi por - i am not going to prejudge anyone and i am going on what i see - but i have seen a very nasty bits.

who out of these 4 do you want to go por ? will you be sad if one goes that you like ? let me no ?

should she be transferred to a psychiatric unit and should i go with her ? 09.07.15

this is not hard
we all no the score
so who is getting the red card
who is your biggest bore.
hit me with a slam
don't dare sway
a waste of space is sam
"loving life" is a contradictory say.
a pure let down
very low is her intellect
she will be the talk of her town
her education was not politically correct.
jack is a little improvement
but we should have no deposit
a long time ago this pie should have had re-movement
we should have locked him in the food closet.
harry does need removal
this is a vote that is medically democratic
how did she get approval
she needs transferring to a ward that is psychiatric.
onto my savoir
chloe is my only support
compared to marc she is no flavor
but who is your friday deport.

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Postby porcupine » Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:57 am

I want Danny to go. He's boring and nasty. Who do you want to go?

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Postby greenword » Fri Jul 10, 2015 4:01 am

porcupine wrote:I want Danny to go. He's boring and nasty. Who do you want to go?

morninggggggggggggggggggggggggggg por - anyone but chloe -

marc not winning BB equals chloe (next best thing) 10.07.15

i am now going to unravel
just like my bank account
i thought the demise is like jimmy savil
but she has proved that BB she should mount.
it was pure venom
that's what you get if you sensor
it brings out the demon
to spot this needs no genius of mensa.
joel played a blinder
are you liking the conservative leader geezer
was it previous mistakes that made him kinder
i will highlight £2500 for a pizza.
danny continued to let loose
even if his comments did blister
under chloe is a 5G egg and she is a sitting goose
i am glad a make up equals brother and sister.
harry is still a fanatic
my description in my past poem was well acted
she said herself and labeled psychiatric
boraodmore needs to be encrypted.
days are now left
i don't think my winner will now alter
seeing chloe weep over the 5G theft
was as clear as marcs wrongful eviction slaughter.

chat later

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Postby porcupine » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:35 pm

I don't know why Chloe was made out to be selfish for taking the £5,000. The winner still gets loads. Why not spread it out a bit? They've all made it this far. Danny thinks he's going to win. That's why he's bothered about it. It's amazing how deluded they can be in there. Why would he win? Doesn't he think that people read Twitter? Mind you, sometimes horrible people win. Look at Helen Wood.

Chloe has just said if she could change her mind, she would because she values Danny's friendship more. I bet if he did win, he wouldn't give a penny to Chloe if she sacrificed her money to the prize fund.

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Postby greenword » Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:44 am

moring por - i am going to do my best to make sure he does not win - he is a reality tv star and it will be a fix if he does. this are my views on last nights double boot - are you happy with them both going por ?

your psychiatric on sweet is ready harry and bring hash tag glue less spam with you ( cell 221 next to mine) 11.07.15

better then a night on the lash
emma's out fit was glory
the jack pot may crash
but to-nights show went up multistory.
so before you all call nurse
my session is completed
will harry have broken her curse
will her split personality get over how the crowd greeted.
was it a coincidence
harry has no empathy
she has no conscience
that's why she is a pure tragedy.
get out and take re treatment
the head mess is to much to carry
like sadam hussein you are a tyrant
that is your label harry.
onto a shock
glad to wave my hand
in the application it should have blocked
sam's intellect i fail to understand.
harry and sam leaving is sick
the last week will be inflictive
can not wait to see nick
​i am going to watch and learn what makes him so addictive.

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Postby porcupine » Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:58 am

Morning, greenword.How are you going to make sure Danny doesn't win? They really are greedy in that house. They voted off Sam because she had the 15,000. Danny couldn't wait to get rid of her. I think if one of the other two had the £15,000, he would have voted them out. He really is vile. Danny should have gone.

I don't mind Sam, though I think she's a floater between groups. I think she will turn against one group to fit in with another, if the one group is doing better.

I didn't like Harry at first, but she grew on me a bit, as I don't think she's as greedy as some of the others.

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Postby greenword » Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:41 am

morning por ? hows you thi fine sunday. i agree they are greedy but the end is in sight now and it is so much money. just feel sam did not contribute enough to be worthy of staying. like you i agree danny is a nasty bit of work. glad harry has gone - she needs real therapy. will be interesting to see if nick can develop or come to a halt now as i feel they ruined for themself by cutting themselves off and being with each other so much.

so looking forward to tonights show. have a lovely sunday por and chat to you soon. these are my thoughts on how i saw last night in my normal way thats not so normal lol

there's a pervert conservative politician in the bathroom 12.07.15

Saturday's show was controversial
richard whitely never lost his crown
did you see the ch4 commercial
it was a "street version" of "countdown".
danny's word was temperament
did you spot the treble vowel
christian hit back in his pants with excrement
he had no option but to throw in the towel.
the boil did steam
control and dictionary corner had a clue
while danny's passion for words did stream
i saw rage when the crunch was canoe.
nick said he feels totally lost
he is a lonely lamb
i am so enjoying the no hash tag cost
absolutely delighted out the door went harry and sam.
a true politician was joels proof
making a decision was no commitment
like all lies and corruption under the parliamentary roof
joel's no balls on killer eviction was a indictment.
was sam aware of her volunteer
joel and danny got passionate about the boot
hash tag no more boredom sphere
sam has absolutely no trace and left no root.
jack was expressing his gratitude
i am bored and will divert
my best bit of Saturday's was pure rude
i label joel a true conservative political pervert.

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Postby greenword » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:30 am

would it be classic if BB done a time bomb and jack of spades lost his money ? yes or no ? 13.07.15

the best things in life are free
jack and this song now relate
while at breakfast there was no agree
danny was furious christian would not clean his plate.
then the start of earning bucks
jack did enter a sort of massage parlour
not shy or breathing in with tummy tucks
his company left him like a ompalompa.
to the toilet he did burn
the fastest i ever seen him groove
all jokes did churn
classic was 8 hours with no remove.
into a hut called pizza
would 4G's worth give you a kick
joel said its his fave and he is a starving geeza
but after just 1 he was sick.
jack was putting on weight
it was no lie
are we seeing whats on his plate
on breaking the seat i now understand the name face pie.
time for a bit of bongo
that is my name for the dance
great fun was watching the congo
chloe and this wore out BB with her enhance.
close your ears younger viewers
i am going to convert this instead
i bet she is one of them chewers
chloe admitted she has had the biggest head.
jack was watching the clock
removal of the tan was immanent
thank you BB for the shower room lock
i do love it when jack disagrees but is obedient.
£8700 now resting on a conundrum
from the house mates no clue
did BB slip in carol vorderman
or did danny need no help in his canoe.
all gathered in the large task room
this was pure top grade
was joel jealous jack got a boom
or is it proof that jack dug with his own spade.

( does anyone feel jack has dug his own whole with his spade or are you happy he has this money in the bank ? or would it be classic if BB done a time bomb and he lost it ? )

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Postby greenword » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:28 am

jack and his dog ? and not so right judy james ? 14.07.15

jack woke with no fog
it was morning delight
right by his side was his dog
she is not going out of his sight.
the challenge was food
it was all about the peel
jacks changing was his mood
because by mouth he was nil.
healthy food was the delivery
and all but the pie were loving
danny's wind up was silvery
because he new how much jack wanted mouth shoving.
joels feet are on the floor
with this experience is perspective
while nick feels a job is his score
can he achieve his objective.
chloe was confused
she does not understand
her 5G take left her not amused
because jack took 23 grand.
jack now has a frown
it was food but not dishy
chloe said she detects a pie face melt down
something was fishy.
no one stayed to encourage
but all did return to add salt
this was no Creed Eau Savage
chucking more mess and no one had fault.
nick pored it quick
while danny done it slow
joel said this stench is sick
danny's nasty side did glow.
jack did cop all with no cry
his strength was noted and is top
then something went in his eye
so he escaped with a pool belly flop.
KFC was smelling
this was jacks fave food desire
again sadistic danny was selling
his wind up was on the food wire.
the results from the plymoth team
but would this jack wreck
he did not release any steam
the scores stayed unopened round his neck.
now onto speed
joel put in to buy a number
all drivers need to slow and recede
unfortunately joel can not drive as cool as a cucumber.
spray tan needs topping
jack has got a obsession
his 23G wont have stopping
because he can tan until depression.
chloe was reminiscing
while jack went to the barba's for a shave
all had laughter kissing
did you see the B.A Baracas wave.
all are finalist
so we needed a party for enhancing
step in joel who is the ABBA vocalist
also the best at dad dancing.
this was now nick with attitude
the only time i have seen him loud.
i did love his BB gratitude
but i just don't feel he is a winner proud.
chloes best policy was honesty
but is this rude and naughty
her comment to jack was no curiosity
he was size 38 and now he is forty.
danny gave a DR speech
but this i will slam
this guy is no reality tv peach
that's why he throws his toys out of the pram.
all talking about first time met
and each one was laughing
none of them wanted a BB let
that's why chloe is privileged to be the last girl standing.
ABBA again to finish
the winner takes it all
judy james respect on BOTTS did diminish
i 100% disagree with her danny call.
like joel my poetry is odd
but i am sure chloe will agree
like jack i am now adding my cod
because chloe is the right winner i see.

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Postby greenword » Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:13 am

can joel drop it like jack and the pop corn ? 15.07.15

when i first heard
a shock was the music
is every conservative a nerd
dropping like a slut was magic.
but is joel a record that's broken
on constant repeat
i admit he seems to no every tune spoken
but new to me is this drop to feet.
on the other side is jack
he is also dropping
but everything is heading towards the stomach sack
that explains the pool belly flopping.
the food is a obsession
joel and any lady can not up keep
never will jack be on food recession
its constant nibbling only stop time is sleep.
my point is simple
i don't want the reader to be torn
has joel's dropping been ample
or has jack over taken with pop corn.

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Postby porcupine » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:19 am

What's happened to Chloe? She seems to be getting quite cocky and was getting at Jack about his sex life. It's like her whole demeanour has changed. The way she moves , everything. I wonder if she was faking all along or whether the fact she's got this far has gone to her head. It's fine to have confidence, but she shouldn't start crapping on people as a result.

Hope your campaign to prevent Danny winning is working. I want Jack to win. He can be a bit of an arse, but it's best of a bad lot.

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Postby greenword » Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:35 am

hi por - tonight is the night - here is my final push to get chloe to win. want a glass of kia ora mate ?

last night together - raise a glass of Kia Ora - i will be your baby if you are my patric Swayze ? 16.07.15

i will keep this short
of course i won't be sweet
getting ready for a self deport
so i will keep dignity and stay neat.
the last night was fabulous
it was more refreshing then Kia Ora
the smiles were glorious
it was a rush of euphoria.
this was a family melt down
it will end in grieving
because only one can get the crown
but who deserves the financial receiving.
i have no "if" "but" or "maybe"
chloe has never been lazy
she deserves to be "dirty dancing" "baby"
followed closely by Joel who is "Patric Swayze".
with joel in second place
we need a bronze
now "happy days" i will disgrace
because i will bring in nick who would be a better "Fonz".
that's my first, second and third
i need a clarity recap
all the others are pure turd
but is everyone happy stopping will be my BB poetry cr?p.

( please don't anyone whinge - i think i have one more BB poem in my after to nights show and then i am heading to see my quack who i am sure will recommend i need round the clock care in a secure institution of some sort. thank you to everyone who read my bb poems this series. if you want to see a great advert from back in the day you can here )

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Postby greenword » Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:04 am

morning por ? are you happy with winner ?

final 6 - did the winner rock you ? 17.07.15

thank you for this series
i can not express my appreciation
i no i am normally one of them misery's
but ch5 and big brother may now join in relations.
it has been fantastic
the best on ch5 i have seen
nothing at all like "deadwood twin" plastic
it was pure evergreen.
in 6th place was a snooze
my choice would have been out the door
sorry christian if i bruise
but your time did bore.
nick did follow
he got the 5th rose
i no this was hard to swallow
all i saw was jade then harry and pick of the nose.
in 4th place is a banger
the engine it did lack
now richer even if he is a car hanger
but i did get disappointed with jack.
3rd place is a worthy bronze medal
he done us like any loose fanny
the script was a peddle
disappointed with reality tv star danny.
joel came second place
the last man standing
for a tory boy he did not disgrace
a silver medal was great landing.
onto the winner
chloe was in the most shock
with no faith that's inner
its why chloe deserves to rock.

( i accept the final 6 and its pure justice to itself with the countdown. if i had to make one change it would be to have marc as my winner as he was a pure game player and after all this is what BB is meant to be all about. )

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