big brother thread 2015

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big brother thread 2015

Postby greenword » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:51 am

hi everyone. i thought i would start a thread about big brother as observing people is often a good way to see what we our selves are doing wrong and small changes can often help us. i really love big brother and watching and scrutinizing them all and i just wondered does it brighten anyone else s day up ? if you have anything to say about this show i will for sure be interested.

judge rinder v jeremy vile or marc v ash - who won ? you decide ? 28.06.15

saturdays show was no scam
it was boxing and no forge
love the wake up call from "wham"
all house mates did appreciate "george".
on the spot recommendations
nikki was ready to lash
its to late now for sam and any confrontations
nikki did bring her down with a crash.
helen stuck in her oar
it was a bit like her life game
pointing out simon is a snore
we all no his stand is limp and lame.
then flowing was the devil
most did indulge
even when drunk marc did not revel
so calm and control not even exposing his bulge.
to ashlighn he brought humiliation
compared to BB7 he did disgrace
whats happened is contamination
ashlighn won't be remembered as the savour from grace.
massive respect did earn
when mark controlled a three way battle
only in danny did range burn
when loosing his temper was like a baby loosing a rattle.
ashlighn has gone down
marc has shot through the roof
judge rinder is in the brown
its fake like jeremy vile not needed is any more proof.

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Postby greenword » Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:07 am

is ashlighn a lady representation of how lady's in camden act ? 29.06.15

i have made a statement
but i could make seven
ashlighn has gone to BB basement
marc has gone to BB heaven.
i am in total shock
real sad for danny
he has tried so hard to block
but desperate is ashlighn's f?nny.
legs all over the place
she will flaunt and spread
the dead member statement did disgrace
the net states 3 years dead.
very immature
to many to list on my pad
looking at life and your latest adventure
i question is it because you was missing dad.
on the other hand
rising bright is one spark
i now fully get and understand
but don't touch me when i highlight marc.
he has played the game
from every angle he was on point
standing by his words with no nudity shame
he has not put wrong one foot or joint.
danny is coming good
but ashlighn is no better then a random
she will regret returning to the hood
thank god she is no lady representation of camden.

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Postby greenword » Tue Jun 30, 2015 4:41 am

what house mate must we NOT loose on friday for the sake of the show ? 30.06.15

before i lecture on drink
the good must ripple
because jack has done nothing but shrink
until he has had a tipple.
this is what makes us hungry
as jack was to stiff
we have only now seen angry
its all to do with the nomination whiff.
from one to the next excuse
this weakness gets the crown
nick to mankind is a abuse
classic was "like a man he best take it and lay down".
unlike the way he nominates
i did not expect so much detail
its proof harry contaminates
she has been nicks train crash derail.
nick is under the thumb
his best bits won't be to many
falling for harrys heart beat drum
is the dropping of the penny.
danny is no prankster
its making me grin
his delivery is pure gangsta
unlike the fakeness in ashlighn.
jack is continuing to crumble
and marc has broken a layer
i don't believe he has just had a rumble
because unlike all he is a great game player.
we have 4 up for the boot
harry, jack, marc or sam
pure entertainment is at my root
and my priority is to not let marc take a wham.

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Postby greenword » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:00 am

are BB aware it is national joke day today ? 01.07.15

let me get you a entrance
this place needs a chauffeur
because this guy i dislike with a vengeance
cringe was jack being a butler.
charlie entered among-st the bickers
ashlighn was to over the moon
not sure what was in her knickers
but marc's dribbles suggest him soon.
john did follow
body on show with no preservatives
a few words were hard to swallow
classic was the love for joel because he is a conservative.
ashlighn continued to disgrace
while marc was not thinking about power
she will be ashamed of her new legacy trace
marc's weakness was crystal clue being the shower.
a break down from the manipulator
this was tv gold realizing
being chased now was the predator
marc's weakness is due to antagonizing.
was it a gesture
charlies hug was humour
marc and being touched is giving me debenture
because his ways rise better then a fresh bloomer.
harry said her peace
honesty is what was at the core
with herself and marc there is no grease
very admirable for not blaming marc for brians door.
the lovers had a rock
don't worry along way is the poke
harry and nick really need a separation block
how relevant is today is all about the joke.

is anyone watching bb - no joke ?

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Postby greenword » Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:26 am

could the nutty professor win big brother ? ask ethel skinner ? 02.07.15

let me show you this laboratory
this scientist is a unusual professor
charlie would be his dream sectary
but alone i think he could run Mensa.
but not all is tonic
even "prof" is less able
let me study the periodic
i will find out and match "prof" to this table.
its all to do with the shell
the look is all macho
but breaking is the magic spell
inside i am not sure is pistachio.
yes we did whiteness weak
but it was minor not mass
its only correct marc has a leak
because having to escape is his gas.
i will not be manipulated
so i am going to do a "ethel skinner"
the science has already been calculated
he is not nutty because marc is a worth BB winner.

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Postby greenword » Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:40 am

who is vile looking and inside rotten to core and getting the boot tonight ? poll ? 03.07.15

we have made a mistake
harry is no apple
never will she be a sweet cake
because the sour is more then ample.
with looks that are particular
not defined by the freckle
she is a vicious circular
harry is no better "Wikipedia" of Jekyll.
i have been with high maintenance
never do they get satisfaction
harry will give any man importance
to destroy and demolish you is harry's pure gratification.
her skills are pure degrading
no army is princess harry commanding
her hopes of a nice lady stopped fading
due to the fact harry is to demanding.
nick is a pure sucker
letting harry squeeze him into a juice
you purely understand he wants to be a f?nny plucker
but understanding harry is like winning a wild race v a goose.
putting up this pathetic barrier
harry perceives she is as hard as a nail
but in this series sam we have been a carrier
lets tonight boot sam out so no final sail.

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Postby greenword » Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:41 am

rebellion night and my rebellion on the eviction - bring in ofcom 04.07.15

yes i loved the anarchy
it reminded me of "Thatcher"
BB is my god ruling my monarchy
tonight i did enjoy its fracture.
it was very chaotic
only clever marc did escape
sitting calm and pretty like a tonic
this was a BB authority scrape.
he planted every seed
enticing jack on a joke
marc new dam well jack would feed
jack would eat off the smoke.
the house went into melt
only marc was sitting quiet
just like when we gave the troy's a belt
it was a recreation of 1990 poll tax riot.
it did eventually calm
no time to put on the kettle
then off went a massive alarm
because my winner had no time to settle.
marc was evicted
i am totally distraught
i believe the voting system conflicted
this is why a complaint to ofcom i will report.

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Postby greenword » Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:17 am

waterGate gangster 05.07.15

i am sure there will be complaints
from the save the earth comity
the BB house next year will have water restraints
a water ban may not be a idea pity.
did this erupt via ashlighn
when she held the interview
i won't play the violin
because the 2 guests were a bigger skew.
you could see the competition
in the eyes was rivalry
it was like a build up to the big fight edition
love the comment from danny and highlighting irony.
marc done splendid
like normal he was on form
its so sad his experience has ended
you may be thinking rooting for his opponent is not the norm.
but i have seen the glimmer
i don't care if i get criticism
no situation makes danny a skimmer
danny is now my no1 for heroism.
i was wrapped around marc the prankster
like me he is full on and progressive
danny is now the new gangster
with out marc i no his temper will never again be aggressive.

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Postby porcupine » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:50 pm

My thoughts on Big Brother housemates. My opinion changes on them a lot though.

Marc- Entertaining, but nasty.

Chloe- Nice, but bland.

Jack- I quite like him. Bad loser though. Very competitive.

Joel- Don't trust him.

Harry- Put some clothes on.

Nick- Likable and very tolerant.

Nikki- Sometimes likable, sometimes bitchy (saying about Harry's 'fried eggs').

Brian- Good friend and entertaining.

Ashlene- likable and quite vulnerable.

Sam- A floater. Floaters can't always be trusted. They can be like double agents.

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Postby greenword » Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:55 am

porcupine - loverly sum up - did you see last nights show ? its getting good now. can not wait to see tonights show. does harry remind you of babs ?

harry on - but can barbara windsor be replaced 06.07.15

just like barbara
but a different eyesore
harry is most certainly not a charmer
her personality has no glamour.
but there is a similarity
it could well be the zest
can all the young and dirty old men give clarity
is the attraction harry's chest.
do you appreciate the wobble
or is it because she is blunt and brutal
or do you see honesty integrity and noble
with the sight of her teats being so fruitful.
i loved christian explanation
nick was absolutely splitting
he new if she saw any contamination
that's why as harry was in DR himself he was s??????.
well and truly under the thumb
nick is the saint and harry is the con
until nick gets a back bone and slows down his heart drum
unfortunately this show will be a "harry on".

( after i have got this to the wonderful lady barbara out of respect i just hope i don't get a knock on the door from phill and grunt i meant grant. so tell me - are you enjoying this harry on ? )

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Postby porcupine » Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:29 pm

She doesn't really remind me of Barbara Windsor.

I thought Joel was ridiculous, spending £2,000 on a pizza. Do you think Cristian is boring? I do. I don't know why the public keeps the boring ones in.

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Postby greenword » Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:24 pm

just going to catch up on tonights show now. as for christian yes he is not the lively person but he has got a disability ? should he have got this far - i think not but i also feel this about harry and nick as well.

chat tomoz on tonight's show.

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Postby porcupine » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:13 pm

I don't think much of Nick now he's sold Chloe down the river. I don't know why people do things like that. It just backfires in the end. I think he could have had a chance of winning, now I'm not so sure.

He said it's not about winning, but I think it is. I think he's shot himself in the foot now. I thought Harry and Chloe came across well tonight.

I generally find the letters from home part boring in these type of shows. So I'm glad that bit's over.

I think Jack's being a bit of a knob. Yes, he put friendship first but I think he resents it. Why hasn't Danny got a personality?

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Postby greenword » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:39 am

money money money its not abba but a money grabber 07.07.15

tonight's show was gold
the value you must detect
nick himself was sold
as harry has lost all respect.
jack had spending
the others did disagree
his reasons were joel did bending
that's why he went on a spending spree.
then it was the auction
but did anyone no there rival
be warned i have to caution
was nick's 5G worth survival.
chloe is no lover of "ABBA"
she purely does detest
she hates it all are a money grabber
its a trait with no zest.
onto the letters from the family
not easy for the sole
chloe lost and did not eat willingly
funny was she said mum loves you joel.
joel picked a no runner
who was his sacrifice
sam along time ago should have been a gunner
because on week 1 should have been the price.
nick did buckle
his master letter was hard to read
because the realization was the tackle
if we were all the same the world would be bland planted was the seed.
danny choose nick
would this help and carry
under his face she did stick
again it was all about harry.
harry is a looser
no-one can rack
for her it was a easy chooser
she lost and hugged jack.
sam done well
5G was added to the case
the father day letter joke was swell
this is sam's best trace.
danny organized a hug
was it to rally the troop
euphoria i could not plug
loved the emotions from the group.
christian has finally woke
i had to think bless
the whole series and him has been a joke
but valid was the renaming selfish or selfless.
chloe jack harry or sam are facing
who is getting the boot
as long as out of the house chloe has no chasing
any other 3 or all i would salute.

hi pop - so out of the 4 up - who is going in your eyes ?

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is she a devil lady 666 ? will nick go running back to the d

Postby greenword » Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:04 am

is she a devil lady 666 ? will nick go running back to the devil ? 08.07.15

lets start on the boarder
because fantastic was the separation
am i medical to spot this disorder
i recommend harry needs personality medication.
onto the theme
money was giving all the willy
chloe was a comedy dream
classic was the eating the chili.
for £95 was it worth the pain
she showed her team spirit
when fast food was delivered jack wanted to gain
he has no will power just winning merit.
that did bring in £100 for the kitty
jowls obviously has expensive taste
he thought that amount was a pity
while harry objected to the £100 waste.
sam has decided to wake
it really got her fuming and full of fury
sam is dull boring and no intelligence at stake
her BB best bit was recreating this jury.
onto loves young couple
pure devotion and nothing sinister
in harrys eyes nick may well be her apple
£200 winning was a happy separation for this mister.
questions from the audience
it really was the cause of this dispute
proof harry has no feelings or conscience
she does not have a button "mute".
the brain was now under scrutiny
but admittance from a suffer
proud of this label with no immunity
harry did not hide or cover.
nick's bed has been made
for comfort he had to demonstrate
the devil came out of the shade
loosing her victim did clearly frustrate.
we may well applaud nick's back bone
but this devil really is a psycho
he can not do BB on his own
nick will go running when 666 does echo.

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