Need help with treatment

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Need help with treatment

Postby Simon » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:20 pm

Hello again all! I'm back after a long absence.

after at least 6 years of trying to not accept my mental state and at least another 4 trying desperately to resolve my issues my self I have finally given in a have booked a doctors appointment to seek help for what ever it is I have wrong with me. I did make some progress on my own but overall I have failed. I still find my self overwhelmed at times an unable to defeat what seems like my band mind with my good one. Its almost like being a different person at times.

What I need is an idea of what to expect from treatment I will get from the NHS in UK.
From what I have read online and heard from the two friends I know who have gone down the route before me (one wouldn't tell me much the other only did one session of CBT and thought it was useless) I am expecting to be referred to a specialist who will then either treat me directly or again refer me to someone else. I expect I will have to do a certain number of CBT sessions before being offered medication.
I also expect the doctor will take into consideration my symptoms when placing me in the waiting list and before prescribing any treatment what so ever.

Bellow I have outlined my symptoms. I will take note of these to give to my doctor to make things easier.

• Depression in distinct waves lasting from a few days to a few weeks. They can be provoked by an argument or being ignored. Generally: failure, loneliness and humiliation. It’s a bit like being a different person, two very different perceptions and ways of thinking. I do not experience periods of mania like a manic-depressive I only revert to a more normal and positive way of thinking. In these periods, I often make good progress in the things I want to achieve but they are only brief periods of a few weeks which often makes my efforts in vein by the time the next wave hits.
• Always found it very difficult to sleep unless very distracted or extremely tired.
• Violent and distressing dreams and thoughts. I have never acted on any of my violent thoughts, nor do I hear voices. I usually get them a few hours or days after someone wrongs me and I have started thinking about it.
• Always found it very hard to socialise. Other people seem to have an instinct I don’t. Confidence not an issue anymore but to be social I have to put on a front which can be very draining. I have a few friends but no close or best friends. I have lacked a best friend/s since the age of about 10-11. I think a lot of people I know from school still and always will see me as a weird loser and they treat me as such. When I have met new people, who don’t know my past they are much warmer to me.
• Anger. I don’t feel like I am angry anymore but I do have a very short and unpredictable temper. It never goes been harsh words and I feel this works against me as most people would respect me at least out of fear if I just hit people who pissed me off without warning and with total disregard to my wellbeing. I was angry a lot more of the time in my teenage years.
• Aches and pains
• Addison’s disease. I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease about 4 years ago. I think it could be the cause or maybe a result of my depression as both cause stress and are brought on due to stress. It’s a bit like which came first the chicken or the egg. As a result I have to take tablet for the rest of my life. See below.
• Lowering the dosage of my hydrocortisone, after cold for example, (I have to up my dosage in times of particular stress such as illness) will always cause a wave of depression a day or two after the lowered does.
• I have always felt my best when I take my hydrocortisone at exactly the same time but I am not sure if slight deviations affect my mood
• Alcohol not surprisingly will cause a bout of depression if I find myself alone at the end of the night as I often do. I’m fine when still with people though.
• I think things over and play out situations in my mind a lot when I am alone especially if someone has said something that upsets me or if someone ignores me.

Suspected conditions
• Addison’s disease is definitely playing a part
• A form or multiple forms of anxiety. The us version fits me where as the uk one doesn’t
• A form of depression or manic depression

I do have a list of suspected causes as well but this post is already pretty long.

I hope some of you will/have taken the time to read and I would greatly appreciate any help!

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Re: Need help with treatment

Postby chirantan » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:09 am

Dear Simon,
On the very onset I tell you that I added you to my friends list if you are ok with that.By the way I am also suffering from depression and anxiety and frankly speaking I do not have enough mettle in me to tell you that I can comfort you or anyone else with words.I really feel very upset for your condition,though I do not know you as I think problems bring people together and we all become a family.Please be sure that I read your condition and it is very disturbing. I really hope you come out of your problems and give 'me' some words of hope instead.

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Re: Need help with treatment

Postby Helloraspberries1 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:39 pm

Hi Simon, sounds alot what your going through. I'm sorry to hear.

Now time has gone on and your back it may not necessary be a bad thing. It can give you more of the strength to carry on again or better. You said your doctor referring you to specialist. It sounds like they have the right approach.

Terms of being diagnosed it's hard to say unless your a professional. The only thing is looking online but I don't know if looking on there what make you feel worse or better.

As your seeing specialist soon can you write down what you said to us on paper and bring it in so they can tell you what they think as there better at advising with this.

Do you have any support or home? If not what about in your community. Are you able to talk to people there. Seems like you can already do these things but you need the push in the right direction.

Again you know best what your symptoms are. It maybe what you had when you was younger and it can depression too.

Please keep reaching out on here and let us know how it goes.

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