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Here looking to meet people

Postby DiegoArgentina92 » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:52 am

Im 25, man from Argentina.

I started joining to depression sites before this year. Its a long story.

I just been trying to find other people to chat and talk. People who have been through depression or is going through depression.

I like people who knows about hows this, and live with a perspective about knowing about all this.

Im a pretty normal person in some ways, at this time of night i cant think th best (2.42am), i just try to meet other peers to do friendship if its possible.

I like people who is open, and have amount of interests. I like arts. Im a bit into cinema now, ive been watching films lately, and i like the idea of films, thinking how to make a plot, how to make scenes, i dont like "hollywod films", i like unknown films, the underground world. I studied psychology but i quit years ago, so i know about this area if any other likes too and wants to talk about this (i read lot of Freud time ago, and psychoanalisis, but i like the Modern psychology of course). I used to have "schizoid syndrome". I like Woody Allen. I like music, i play (a bit). I like to read.

If any other is looking for the same reply here or message me.

Im not the kind of person that feel "hurted" by other people, sometimes i find people saying that, me not,, i just finished like this, eventually, dealing with some things, but im not the kind of "sad" person that feels "im hurted, everyone is against me", i understand that people, but, i try to find people that are more like me, some people are too shy and are bit "afraid" to talk, i need other kind of people. Im just a "outsider", trying to meet other outsiders to hang. Thought would find a lot in depression sites, but not really.

Dont know if a post like this is agains any rule, im new, hope not.
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Re: Looking to meet people

Postby DiegoArgentina92 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:38 pm


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