It's me: MR. Irish Snow Nose -- living in hell! -- brez10481

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It's me: MR. Irish Snow Nose -- living in hell! -- brez10481

Postby brez10481 » Sun May 13, 2018 12:15 pm

I am dealing with what's turning out to be a major cocaine issue while trying to raise two kids, Spike and J Girl. I love them to death. But cocaine isn't my secret. Secrets. Really. I resent my wife, Sunshine, for an abortion she insisted upon long before we got married. I guess at the time I was okay with it. I mean her dad would've killed her. And me. Then there is Dreamy Cousin. I know it's ducked up but I've always had feelings for my first cousin. She lives down south and growing up would give me a hand job from time to time. Recently she looked at me like it never happened. Ducked with my mind. The first time I came was with Dreamy Cousin. Am I sick for having stronger feelings for Dreamy Cousin than Sunshine?

Either way I got issues. That f****** baby killing clinic and murderous wife. I wish I could marry Dreamy Cousin. But she's banging some dude in South Carolina. Lexington, SC, I think. Lexington like Lexington Insurance, dead end job land. I can't make this shit up, bud.


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