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New here, looking for friends

Postby Gothic Dragon » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:38 pm

Hi everyone. My name's Gabrielle, I'm almost 20, and I've been dealing with severe depression for as long as I can remember, probably at least eight years. I went diagnosed until last month. I always bottled my feelings up, I didn't want my parents to feel like failures, and I always told myself that I can't really be depressed, my life is great. Somehow even the suicidal ideation didn't make me realize I had a real problem.
Summer 2017 is the first time I've ever felt properly healthy. It was like I was cured, miraculously. I was stable, happy, and free of brain fog. That fall I steadily declined again into a depressive state and now I don't even remember how it felt to be free. I've finally begun seeing a therapist weekly this February, and early this month a psychiatrist. This week has been the hardest of my life and I've never felt this low. I think it was a bad reaction to the prozac I was prescribed, but it's just... Unbearable. I need lots of company

I have a loving and supportive family and group of friends, but they can't talk all the time, so I was hoping to find a forum of people to talk with, to alleviate some of the perpetual loneliness. I hope this will be that forum for me

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