How do I deal with depression without drugs

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How do I deal with depression without drugs

Postby Loopz » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:30 pm

I've had depression for a long time .... and my family is quite poor... we don't own a car just a one bedroom home and my Mom works almost everyday,
So we are not watched I've pretty much tried every drug except for crazy drugs meth/heroine or opiods in general. I've even tried molly mushrooms and cocaine I still feel depressed unworthy of living I sometimes just don't wanna care anymore, I wanna die anyone who I talk to a too about my depression either says the same thing or nothing ever happens. I have trust issues and I have no father I am socially dissolved and barely ever talk to anyone so I have no friends too talk too about it
I would explain more but it's too long to say, i will briefly talk about the age I started drugs
I'm 15 and have done drugs since 13 I did not do drugs for fun I strictly tried drugs too help me that is why I need help without drugs ...
ty for your time and any responses made

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Re: How do I deal with depression without drugs

Postby bugzee » Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:01 pm

I think doing drugs is your way of medicating yourself....I have done it with alcohol. Is there anyone you can speak to? Perhaps a therapist or social worker? Or even your family doctor? Thinking of you.

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Re: How do I deal with depression without drugs

Postby Wandering2496 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:10 am

It might be difficult and may even be a little risky, but during the times you feel overwhelmed and desperate to get away, try (and take your time) to accept your pain. Acknowledge what you feel and that it's okay to feel it. These thoughts may not be accepted by anyone you know, but they are your thoughts and you have the right to think them.

Very few will tell you that depression is a good thing, but many people will try to make you think that it it's either not a big deal or the worst thing in the world. That you're either being a wimp or have the most horrible disease in the world. That's a common reason why people resort to drugs. Drugs help us forget our pain or numb it for a little while, even help us pretend that we don't have these problems in the first place. But it's a trap. Because instead of helping you cope with your issues, drugs desensitize you so that every time you feel anything or nothing, you always feel it for the first time. And everyone knows that the first time always hurts the most.

So instead of allowing these drugs to keep you from actually feeling better, allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to believe that yes, you have problems and yes, the pain discourages you to keep living sometimes. But that's how you get stronger. Think of yourself as a character in a video game. Every trial you overcome strengthens you--levels you up. What bothers you now won't bother you in the future, when you are more capable of confronting and overcoming your circumstances. Yes, this means that the challenges you face get harder as you keep going. But this just means that you have even more opportunities to empower yourself.

Never apologize for what you feel or believe. There isn't anything wrong with feeling sad, angry, or nothing at all. Don't let drugs or anything/anyone else make you forget that. Vulnerability doesn't equal weakness. If anything, having the courage to be vulnerable isn't something many people are brave enough to do. So if you gain this courage to embrace what you have--good or bad--no matter how long it takes, let it empower you. You're no worse nor better than anyone else, but you can always be your own hero.

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