Building Tolerance

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Building Tolerance

Postby Docflellis » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:30 am

Here is my medical history...

Anafranil (stopped because of weight gain)
Zoloft for 5 years but eventually medication worn out
Wellbutrin w/Zoloft for 2 years till that worn out
Effexor for 3-4 years till that worn out
Cymbalata for 9 years till that worn out

Since Cymbalata wore out in the summer of this year, I've been increasingly at my ends rope. My doctor first prescribed Abilify but didn't find much help. We tried Viibryd (which I notice I've been getting insomnia in the time I started take it and I take it in the morning). My doctor told me to look at a tricyclic next. Since then, I've been worried because I am seeking help for my depression and it just hasn't been budged. I don't know if my doctor and I are doing everything we can, or is there something we missed? Sometimes I fear I develop a tolerance to all antidepressants in the world and nothing can stop me. I am scared because I am trying to beat depression and it seems depression is beating me.

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