New from Argentina

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New from Argentina

Postby DiegoArgentina92 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:13 am

Finally i joined to this forum.

I discovered the chatroom some time ago, at least before this year.

Ive been through a lot, a really lot, im still with things, cant have a dicent mind set.

Sometimes all its pretty scary and unknown. Sometimes things are ok. Sometimes im with my head in the floor.

The great problem i have is dont have people to talk. This make me have a disconection and dont have my mind fixed to anything.

Dont know any have this problem, its incredibly annoying, stressing, and scary.

Dont have people to talk makes me dont feel ok to do activities,, i feel something bugging me in my mind. Like go out, or do tasks, its a something that buggs me in my mind, i go out and i feel a something telling me (ok, here you are, alone, buying stuffs, just to then go home and stay there, with you and yourself, with the stuffs you bought, and keep doing things, and staying with yourself).

But, this thing of dont have people to chat really drives me Insane, and im not using the word Insane figuratively, its really drives me insane, makes me loose my mind. I have sleeping problems too, and mood changes, heavily mood changes. In short words, my mind sometimes is a mess, and the stress i carry its a lot.

Cause, when you dont have people to chat, you try to find it. And well, the way i try to find people to chat is in online sites, forums, and etc, but ive not find many,, i thought find good people to get along in depression sites was going to be easier, but no. So, sometimes its just wake up and think "ok, with what random person im going to talk today ?", cause, always is that, talk with a different person in a chatroom site, no one that i know i have to talk. And then i try to put messages in some sites (ive been trying with fbook Depression groups, not working).

I "dont know" why im so draining my mind with all this, the thing is i finished with this in mind. I cannot handdle dont be talking with anyone. Like you noticed (if any is reading this), im writing all this like i would talking with someone (with you, the one is reading this), cause i need this, talk.

Feel this black hole in the mind its atonishing, think that this is not going to change. Sometimes im better, sometimes im like right now writing this, dont know, and talking with myself.

Cant believe my life is this, and the things in my mind are this. This is it.

Theres is any section of the forum to contact with people ? Ive been in other forums and sites, and theres a rule that you cannot post messages to find other people to chat (think that i think is very bad in something like a depression room, where people looks to that, talk with other people), this forum have that rule ? If I create a topics saying like "i would like to chat with another people, and etc", its against a rule ? Gonna start to check the forum a bit.

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Re: New from Argentina

Postby girlyboy » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:47 am

Hello Diego. How are you? Well I may know how you are feeling right now as I read your post and I could see your mind is a mess... but trust me what you are doing is the healthier way to do things... u are looking for people to talk about your life/issues/music and a friend and u do know its important. I have been in the same shoes as you... I kinda let people go and didnt see how much I was isolating myself doing so.

So I want u to know Im here for you if u wanna chat and not just be a one time chat but I'd like be friends if u want too!

So if u read this reply and wanna chat just let a message here. :D See you!

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Re: New from Argentina

Postby GraceH » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:23 am

Hi Argentina,

Those thoughts in your head, we all have them, some stronger and more persuasive than others. I am seeing a psychologist next week, I got to or my issues will send me to a place I just don't want to go to. Did you receive my reply, then I'll know if I sent it right. Here it is below. Hey, you take it easy on yourself. be kind to yourself. be patient with yourself. I am telling myself, it can't always be this way, ya know? Hey I'm glad you joined this site, I'm glad to be here. Your music is so beautiful, does it give you some peace sometimes? I sure hope so. What about great movies, you catch any recently. Unfortunately, I like horror but I can't watch it now because it's not good to see something that dark when I'm feeling so stressed inside. You take care of yourself. Peace, Grace

Hi Diego,
Geez I didn't know I forgot how to navigate a website and post a reply to a reply, lol. I hope you receive this. I copied your list and I'm looking up that music right now. Awesome. I can tell some of it is so beautiful. I appreciate your response. I hope you're okay tonight. I hope everyone is hanging in and hanging on. If you get this message twice, jus ignore it. Take care, Grace
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Re: New from Argentina

Postby DiegoArgentina92 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:44 pm


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