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just me

Postby caravaggio » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:52 pm

i just can't seem to find myself pulling together. i can't sleep due to insomnia, i don't eat, i find it very hard even comping my hair. i get angry all the time for no reason, i..i just don't have the courage or the strength to break free from my mental chains.. i fully understand that it is a mind game but that's making it harder to conquer it..over and out

Golda Dilema
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Re: just me

Postby Golda Dilema » Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:58 pm

Try to relax yourself before you sleep. It will be good and relaxing to have aromatherapy and take a bath before bedtime.

You need strength for the day that is why you need to eat. Eat foods that you enjoy. You may even go to your favorite restaurant for a change. Dining with your friends and loved ones will be good for you too.

You need to be happy once again. What are the things or activities that make you happy? Do them as long as they won't do you any harm. Activities like doing your hobbies, watching films, listening to good music, gardening, sports, exercise and the like will do you good to be happy. You are born to be happy so do everything you can to be happy. Helping others will make you glad too.

Whatever it is that burdens or disturbs you, remember it will pass away. Be optimistic. Think good and you will feel good. Take it one day at a time; one problem at a time. Think of the solution. Positive change is coming your way.

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