Lost and found again

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Lost and found again

Postby nopromises » Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:16 pm

Life is almost nothing without motivation, without a reason to fight for or endure the pain
I know it's hard sometimes, and you lost motivation and seem to be lost
I know that the light that once was turned on, turned off for a period of time
I don't want to lie to you saying that is going to be easier
I rather tell you to be brave
If for any reason you find yourself lost
And all around you seems to be dark
I hope you try to find a light that will guide you
Until you find yourself fighting for something worth again...

I know we sometimes tell others to smile, or that everything' is going to be ok, but sometimes is us ourselves who lose the smile on our face, but that's normal I guess. Hoping that everyone is fine, and if not, hoping that one day will be...

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