I'm worthy of trust and I am fun to work with.

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I'm worthy of trust and I am fun to work with.

Postby CitM » Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:13 pm

I had a revelation today. Someone I'm currently doing professional business with told me they trusted me. Not only that, they told me they are having a ball working with me. And all of a sudden, I could trust myself, and realized that I do have what it takes to be in the professional field I'm in. I'm worthy of that trust, and all the brainwashing and BS from jealous professionals and other PIC just cracked and fell away.

I finally could realize the lines in my head from the movie "The Help," in that I'm kind, I'm smart, and I'm important. That's true of EVERYONE, not just me.

Computers make me a bit wonky, partly because I'm frustrated so often with the interface, which at times, seems to me to get in the way more than anything. I like it when I can just snap my fingers and get the computer to stop being buggy (which I've done a few times successfully), instead of trying to do the debugging process. Also, with text and word recognition as sophisticated as it is, one would think it doesn't matter a danged what synonyms one chooses in a google search.

I will be happy when technology has the interface more readily available for where I would like, it to be, and on a really great day, interact with it.

In essence, I'm done being dominated in my head. And the next one that tries just because they enjoy that sort of thing, torturing the angel, dominating the woman, passive aggressive baloney, is going to get some very unpleasant stuff coming their way, if the planet doesn't freeze over in the northern hemisphere first.

I will do urban planning. I will do technical designs. I will do a well thought out process. I will do good bidding. And people who work with and for me, really like it, I just found out! :) I'm going to have a great company. Nothing big.... but good enough to create some jobs in which they get to be artistic, technical, professionals that help people in many different ways. :) I like that.
With love :)

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