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Meloncholic Anchovy
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Postby Meloncholic Anchovy » Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:06 pm

I was due for my next appointment with a Psychiatrist who was treating me over the past months, but when I called him to tell him that I have run out of Zoplicone, he turned me down flat. Saying that I ought to be warded to be weaned off Zopiclone.

In the first place, Insomnia is very much part of my Bipolar condition, so how can I be weaned off Zopi? And if all the other sleeping pills are also addictive, then how the hell is any doctor or shrink going to address my Insomnia??

So I tried one night without my Zopiclones: it was indeed Hell on Earth. For almost 5 hours, from 7pm right up to around 12:30am, I got it all: racing thoughts, tingling & cold hands/feet, tired and sleepy but my mind doesn't want to slow down - much like a sick PC that will not Shut Down. I was up ALL NIGHT. Because I suffer from recurring Nightmares without Zopiclones.

The next day, I visited my family GP who had no qualms about issuing me some more Zopiclone and I'm now back on my feet.

I wonder, what kind of shrink would just shut out in his patients in the cold like that? I'm definitely NOT going back to this "psychiatrist" ever again. My GP does a better job then this Uptown Shrink.

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Postby dougsan » Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:37 am

What kind of shrink would deny a patient needed meds? A lot of them if they weren't the original prescribing doctor. Many of the docs I've seen have refused to continue another doc's prescription, arguing that they don't know if I should still be taking them. With computerizaton now, the docs can contact each other easily and work these things out but without proper computerization, we are left banging our heads against a wall trying to get all the docs to understand what each of them has done and why! Major pain in the rear but, as we are constantly being told, its our health. We are in charge. Argue with the medical folk when it is necessary.
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Re: Zopiclonified

Postby GarethE » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:02 am

I've been on zop since April and I've also been told by my psychiatrist that I need weaning off them and I'm absolutely terrified. I have tried halting the dose to 3.5 but whether it's my tolerance or just in my mind, I can't sleep.

I worry enough at the best of times and now I face long nights staring at the ceiling fretting about mortality. Might turn to night nurse

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