a mangy mutt

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a mangy mutt

Postby okami » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:16 pm

a mangy mutt

as i was cutting a steak one night
a mangy mitt came to me
i tossed him a slice
he seemed nervous but ate it anyway

i new that it was a mistake
cus feed an animal
and he stays
but still i fed him any way

days go by
and nights do too
that mutt still came
more and more

weaker and weaker i became
as the mutts apatite grew
but sill i fed him everytime
in the trap i fell

but then one day
id seen the light
of a bright morning sun
and lern to climb

i garbed my steak knife
and when the mutt came
i took his life
and my scars ceased to grow.

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