The Pomodoro Technique - A System for getting stuff done.

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The Pomodoro Technique - A System for getting stuff done.

Postby defeated » Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:50 am

Hey guys,

I am notorious for feeling overwhelmed by things very easily due to my depression getting in the way or just don't know how to start. I discovered The Pomodoro Technique a few years back. This technique has really helped me break tasks apart, whether big or small. So I wanted to share this with everyone in hopes it can help others in managing your time. :)

How it works: So, you basically set a timer for 25 minutes and you then commit to working on a task for that amount of time, without distractions such as chatting, social media etc.. Then I personally like to take a 10 min break to do whatever I want, to relax a bit or move around. Then I set the timer again for another 25 minutes. I find that breaking it up in chunks helps make the task seem not as overwhelming.

Here is the official website for this technique, they even have a little video

Good luck and I hope it helps :) Feel free to make a post about any techniques you use that have helped.


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